Epyx documentation for Handy Development Kit

The original Handy Development Kit came with a binder full of documentation. Most of it was not available in digital format and have been scanned by Matthias Domin. You can find that documentation at AtariAge in the Atari Lynx Archives section as Lynx Developer Docs. A part of the scans were OCR’ed and published at Bastian Schick’s website under Lynx documentation.

One of the final releases of the Lynx developer documentation is a set for the Handy development kit of release 1.6 in late 1993. The information belows comes from that set and currently complements the earlier set that is available at AtariAge.

Scanned and OCR’ed documentation

These documents are created from the scans by using OCR software. The original scans that were used are listed in parenthesis.

Original documentation

The development kit had some digital documents as part of the installation files for release 1.6. These documents come unaltered from the Quarterback backup set that was installed on Commodore Amiga 2000 machines.

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