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Map of Tiny Lynx Adventure

This has been on my list for a long while: a map for Tiny Lynx Adventure. So, I finally wrote a little program to create a map of the world. It is a spoiler, but might come in handy should … Continue reading

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Starting a new project: Hack Slash Loot

Early 2013 I pondered what to do for the next incarnation of Tiny Lynx Adventure. There was demand for a v2.0 version with improved graphics and sound. So, I set out to find some open-source tilesets and graphics that I … Continue reading

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Tiny Lynx Adventure

It’s been a while since this was released, but I never got around to putting this on my blog. You see, I created my first complete game for the Atari Lynx and put out both the ROM file in LNX … Continue reading

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