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Epyx Development Kit: part 2–Pinky and Mandy

Working with Pinky and Mandy Let’s skip a lot of things you need to do to create your first Lynx binary, be it a game or another type of program and pick up at the point where you want to … Continue reading

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Epyx Development Kit: Part 1–Contents

Contents of the Epyx development kit The Epyx development kit for Handy consists of a number of items ranging from hardware to reference materials and software: Mandy and Pinky Mandy is a slightly modified, fully functional Lynx I that has … Continue reading

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Creating a ComLynx to USB cable

The Atari Lynx consoles can be connected together with a ComLynx cable. I have written about this before and showed how they can also be chain-linked to connect up to 16 consoles. The commercial games only had support for up … Continue reading

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Lynx model 2 hardware revisions

I buy my fair share of Atari Lynx consoles at the Dutch Marktplaats. It’s an free-format eBay, without the hashle (nor guarantees) that eBay gives and imposes. A great place to pick up the Lynx consoles that people want to … Continue reading

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