Map of Tiny Lynx Adventure

This has been on my list for a long while: a map for Tiny Lynx Adventure. So, I finally wrote a little program to create a map of the world. It is a spoiler, but might come in handy should you get stuck in the game.

You can see the forest, river, white and black castle, plus the desert area. Some more spoiler details:

  • Order is flippers, white key, crown/star, black key, then bad guy
  • The items are always in the same areas.
    Flippers in forest, key to white castle on the shores of the river, crown and weapon in white castle, black key in desert and finally the bad guy in the black castle.
  • The spawn points of the items are chosen randomly from 8 possible locations per item. Memorize them all to speed up your searching.


In case you are interested, this is the meat of the program.

var rgbValues = new byte[bytes];
for (int index = 0; index < Width * Height; index++)
  int row = index >> 10;
  int column = (index % 128) >> 3;
  int screen = world_map[row, column];
  if (screen == 0xff) continue;
  int data = screen_data[screen, ((index % 8) >> 1) + 
(((index / (8 * 16)) % 8) * 4)]; rgbValues[index] = (
byte)(index % 2 == 0 ? data >> 4 : data & 0x0f); }

It uses the world_map 2-dimensional array (16×16) containing the screens (8×8 tiles) and the screen_data 2D array (92×32) that has the individual tiles per screen. screen_data holds 4-bit nibbles for each 16 tile types, packed together per two in a byte. They are ordered in a sequential fashion giving 32 bytes for each screen. There are 92 different screens altogether, some of which are reused. A screen with value 0xff means there is no world (the large open areas from the map).

If you are interested in more details, let me know.

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