Lexis easter egg

The game Lexis published by Songbird has a really neat easter egg. You can play a game of Galaxian whenever you feel like it. Here’s how to access the easter egg:

Galaxian in Lexis6

Go to the Table of Contents screen and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Option 1 and finally Option 2. After you have done that, start a regular game of Pages. It may seem that the game simply starts, but you get an easy finish, by completing the word “SCIENTOLOGY” with the missing T. Receive compliments and enter your name in the highscore table.

Galaxian in Lexis3 Galaxian in Lexis4 Galaxian in Lexis5

You should now have a game screen for a good game of Galaxian. A fine example of an easter egg that offers more gameplay.

Galaxian in Lexis Galaxian in Lexis2


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