Graphics reuse or plagiarism?

iA big while ago I reported this to the AtariAge forums, but I found some more details and hadn’t posted it to my blog yet. Here’s the story.

While looking into Intellivision I noticed that there is a game called NASL Soccer (or just Soccer) that has this box art:


After seeing this I checked my collection of Atari Lynx titles and dug up European Soccer Challenge. I was amazed to see the following:


Notice how the box art is the same as for the Intellivision game, except that the image … is mirrored. When trying to not let it resemble the original box art too closely, the mirroring seemed like a good thing. Unfortunately there was a number in the picture: the number 6 for the player in the red shirt. Well, that’s easy to fix, right?


You can make an 8 out of a 6. A bit sloppy, but it works. What’s even more sloppy is the fact that the not-so-professional graphics editor forgot to change the other number on the player’s shorts.


Aah, well.

What I didn’t know at the time is that there is another Telegames soccer game for the Atari 2600. It also has the same box art.


This begs the question who was first. I had a look at that and here are my findings:

Title Publisher Year
NASL Soccer Intellivision 1979 or 1980
International Soccer Telegames 1982
European Soccer Challenge Telegames 1993

It seems that Telegames “borrowed” some graphics on two occasions. Could it be part of the deal and licensing? Who knows.

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1 Response to Graphics reuse or plagiarism?

  1. devwebcl says:

    interesting post.

    which is the AtariAge post URL ?

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