Dracula the Undead walkthrough

Below follows the complete solution to the graphical adventure on your Lynx, Dracula – The Undead.

Dracula the Undead - Box Front

Included are all the possibilities of exploration available in the game. You need not go through the list of commands given below. Stick to the bold commands and only execute the others if you’re interested in seeing what happens. Omitted are the commands that result in remarks like ‘there’s nothing unusual about it.’ or ‘I don’t think that’ll work’. Some are quite interesting (and that’s the main reason I included them), since they more or less show the path of exploration you might have followed solving the game yourself. For instance, when you first try and climb out of the window in Jonathan’s antechamber he doesn’t believe it possible, whereas when he has seen Dracula do it, he does climb out, convinced it can be done.

snap24_69B23B1D snap33_68D9D533 snap55_081C7C07

Use the map in combination with the italic headers. The headers give the name of the location where you should be or move to before trying any of the actions given below them. If you would want to finish the game as quickly as possible, you should only execute the commands printed in bold.

A note of caution: if something happens, like an animation of some sort or a narration by Bram Stoker, and the list prompts you to use notebook, make sure you execute no other command. If you do, you might not be able to finish the game victoriously. Sometimes, however, you might be lucky if you accidently execute a false command, because in some instances you can examine something again and then use the notebook (like at Dracula’s coffin or in his study).

snap64_554C7592 snap66_0D8AECAB snap67_3F165A40

On the other hand

Finishing the game in only two days (more like one) after about three go’s I really started wondering whether the solution given below is the only one. If you’ve read the original novel by Bram Stoker (which I can really, really recommend for all you English books readers or students who need a good book for their reading list), you find that the DRACULA – THE UNDEAD only covers about a seventh of the novel. Some arguments to confirm my doubts: in the sewing room where you fall asleep and nearly get killed by the three brides you come across several objects I cannot seem to use in any way. There are more of those unusable objects, by the way. Furthermore, most doors that are locked can be opened later on in the game. Some, however, not. What about the coins you carry, but do not seem to need? Although being warned several times to escape before the brides ‘claim you with their voluptuous kisses’ I never got killed by them.

I imagine this to be the result of always having broken open the window of Jonathan’s bedroom, so I could exit the room later in the game, when the door to the antechamber from the bedroom is locked. Does anybody know if this is really so? And last and certainly not least: if you happen to have GAMEZONE issue four handy, look on page 91, the LYNX previews. You’ll notice a picture from the DRACULA game showing Jonathan bending over Dracula in his coffin, stake in hand pointing towards Dracula’s chest. The text reads: ‘Finding a handy stake he is ready to end Draculas reign of terror.’ I certainly did not find this picture anywhere in the game, so where did it go? Cancelled in a later version because Atari ran out of memory on the card, or did I miss out on a part of the game?

snap43_3EAA274B snap61_0B6DEDE2 snap59_7E07DADB

Walkthrough (Spoiler alert)

The actual walkthrough is too long for this blog post. I have uploaded it to the Media area of this blog.

You can find the PDF file for the walkthrough here.

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1 Response to Dracula the Undead walkthrough

  1. Johney says:

    I,ve readed that there was a 512KB version of dracula the undead wich contain digital sound rather then PSG sound, but due cost reasons,atari did go ahead for a 256KB version of it and replaced the digital sound with cheap ass analogue sound.
    Wich also explains why most lynx games sounding cheap because of PSG audio,so it’s not that you hear digitized PSG not,brcause the lynx timers can generate both digital & analogue sound.
    The reason i was confused with it,was that wiki never mentioned the analogue feature

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