Completing Chip’s Challenge game

To be honest, I do not remember whether I completed the Atari Lynx game Chip’s Challenge myself back at the time. Anyway, yesterday evening I sat down, looked up the level start code for the final level and gave it a spin. I quickly realized that I either had to use every memory muscle in my brain to finish this level, or make some notes. Well, some notes turned into a complete level map. Here is the layout of the final level:


You start off at the place where Chip is shown. You first need to get the four keys to consecutively open the yellow, blue, red and green door. Then you head into the teleporter and find out you need to shove some bricks/boxes, brown thingies. Easy enough, except: underneath some of the boxes is fire, roasting your fine, nerdy buttocks. By trial and error you can find out which ones are safe to use, which ones are not. You will have to remember those. That’s possible because there is no randomization involved. You will have to try each and every box until you find the exit to finish the game behind one of them.

Spoiler alert!!!

You can save some time looking at the map below. It shows what is beneath a box, if something is there at all. So the fire indicates hotness beyond your ability to handle. The question marks will say: “This spot would be too obvious!”. Finally, the exit is shown to be at the top row, slightly off to the left side of the middle (second block from the middle). Here’s the map with the locations:


Once you reach the exit, you are welcomed by the end sequence. Melissa is hugging you for completing this quest and takes you to the prom “E-prom”.

snap31_181122B8 snap32_3753C98B snap33_0FAD4D61

For your entertainment I also uploaded a speedrun of the level to Youtube.

Speedrun of level 149 “Special” of Atari Lynx game Chip’s Challenge

Have fun!

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