Maps of “Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld”

These maps have been in my folder for a very, very long time (around 1992). I thought it would be a shame to see them go to waste.

When I was still in university I had too much time and an Atari Lynx with “Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld” to boot. A great combination. I drew all maps of the single player adventures by hand and stuck them in a folder. Today, I used my scanner to scan each of them. Then I stitched together the individual pages and came up with the maps you can see here. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. Pay special attention to the map for adventure 6 (Arcade): it shows the easter egg to the zit-popping game.


Let me know what you think.

Adventure 1: Easy


Adventure 2: Exploration


Adventure 3: Action


Adventure 4: Suspense


Adventure 5: Logic


Adventure 6: Arcade



Key Description
Number Spawn point (see lookup list at right of map for start code)
G Gem
SG Super gem
M Megabomb
V Snapper
B Bait
S Shield
P Gun powerup
J Jetpack
C Cleanser (changes slime pool to water)
R Mushroom
Blue Water
Green Slime
Green (marked M) Moving slime
Double line Passway (door or ceiling)
Brown edge Bouncy slime
Red edge Sticky slime
Blue edge Ice
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5 Responses to Maps of “Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld”

  1. evilactivity says:

    Damn, I never spent that amount of time on this game, this is awesome! Do you have higher resolutions of the maps? The linked ones seem very small ?

    • alexthissen says:

      The game deserves a some time and love. Did you ever see the “boss” enemy in level 4?
      I’ll put up the higher resolution scans later today (hopefully).

      • evilactivity says:

        I don’t think I reached level 4. Perhaps I’ll give the game another shot when I got some time for it! Most of my time went to Crystal Mines 2.

  2. Josh Jones says:

    Do you have higher resolution images of those maps? I’m fascinated by this game (had it when I was a kid). Was always freaked out exploring because of those damn floor mouth things.

  3. Jeroen de Ruijter says:

    Would be great to get these maps in high resolution, do you still have them? Can’t seem to find them on internet.

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