Dirty Larry Renegade Cop

Some time ago I decided to finish some of the Atari Lynx games that I hadn’t played that much or hadn’t completed. This post is on Dirty Larry Renegade Cop, a nice side-scrolling shooter/bash’m up in the tradition of games like Double Dragon (also a Lynx title). In a future post I will explain how I managed to complete the game.

On a personal note: I pretty much enjoyed the game after some practice, but was glad I could play the game with the Handy emulator to save the game at different points of progress. Especially defeating the first boss (Mr. Snuff) was pretty much impossible without being able to reload the game at level 5. The bullets are your lifeline as much as your health is. No bullets means a certain death. You will (almost) always take damage using your fists. The more difficult villains like the machinegun toting Rastafarian are hard to beat.

For now, here is some information and nowhere to be found screenshots of the game. Enjoy.

Synopsis (spoiler-alert!)

You are a police cop with an attitude and a will of his own. You are just gotten yelled at by your boss and learned that you do not get a car anymore.

Larry’s boss: “And darn it Larry, that’s the third car this week! You need to learn to respect police property! As of this moment, you walk or take the subway! Judge Smite just threw out another case! Get to the Knight Shade Hotel, this time with a proper warrant, and bring in Harold Snuff, A.K.A. Mr. White, an iceman boss. The charge is drug trafficking…

So, off you go to the Knight Shade Hotel on foot. First you travel to the subway, ride a cart on the sub and deal with a lot of criminals and scoundrels along the way. You face gun and knife wielding gang members, big mommas with chains, biker dudes, baseball club swinging crazies (like in the movie The Warriors) and self-igniting pyromaniac  and arrive at the hotel armed with a machine gun you found in the subway. In the meantime someone known as Mr. Big has a conversation with Harold Snuff.

Mr. Big: “Mr. Snuff, I require a favor of you. There is a cop that I need out of the way.
Mr. Snuff: ”Consider it done, Mr. Big…

You work your way through three levels of the hotel with assorted baddies and end up in a confrontation with Mr. Snuff/White. After you have defeated him you acquire grenades and head back to the office.

Larry’s boss: “Congratulations, Larry, you finally did something right! Mr. White goes on trial today. We got the address of a warehouse from one of his papers. Check it out and remember, ask questions first!

So, foot patrol to the warehouse along the sidewalks of Steelburg and through the subway. As you leave the subway there is another conversation, this time between Mr. Big and Dr. Electro.

Mr. Big: “Dr. Electro, it seems that Mr. Snuff was unable to do his duty. Would you mind showing Larry the light?
Dr. Electro starts blinking with electricity.

You enter a warehouse and get confronted with more villains, including grenade throwing mad scientists. At the far end of the warehouse you discover a trap door and open it to descend into the sewers. Near the end you battle against Dr. Electro. His electrifying rays may hurt you, but he is no match against the awesome power of your grenades and machine gun. You exit the sewers and find you are in… the courthouse of Judge Smite.

Yet another conversation takes place. Mr. Big has a talk with

Mr. Big: “Office Stobbe, one of your detectives has been harassing my men. Could you see that it stops?
Office Stobbe: “Yes sir, I’ll get a few of my men to have a talk with him…

Office Stobbe must be a quick guy, because you are faced with a dozen or so corrupt cops that want to have a “talk” with you. They use a lot of bullits to do the talking. Finally, you reach the office room of the courthouse and find that none other than Judge Smite is waiting for you. He starts throwing his wooden hammer at you and hammers the floor to make earthquakes. A big man and hard to defeat. You manage to do so any way.

As it turns out, Judge Smite is actually Mr. Big! Your actions will put Judge Smite behind bars for a long time.

The levels

Level 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 4 and 5 are pretty much the same levels. The levels 5, 9 and 10 have Boss battles with Mr. Snuff, Dr. Electro and Judge Smite. After defeating the corrupt judge you have finished the game and end credits are displayed.

Level 1: The Steelburg Sidewalks

snap71_5209B69D snap72_14B8DC09 snap95_1DC5678A

Level 2: The Steelburg Subway

snap96_70D004AE  snap98_79042A45 snap29_0B849E97



Level 3: The Knight Shade Hotel Ground Floor

snap02_51B9BB43 snap05_432E9951 snap04_5281FB60

Level 4: The Knight Shade Hotel Second Floor

snap07_7EBE8244 snap11_6D1E71AC snap09_70DC167C snap94_7B4CC4CF

Level 5: The Knight Shade Hotel 3rd Floor

snap08_1297C941 snap18_419A0518snap19_1360095E snap21_42624535

Back at the office


Level 6: The Steelburg Sidewalks

snap23_29C28218 snap25_6AA151BC  snap27_0F526934 snap28_4CFF50F0

Level 7: The Steelburg Subway 2




Level 8: The Warehouse

snap31_66572E5D snap33_02383D89  snap36_5A45185C snap38_3AD2C1C9

Level 9: The Sewers

snap39_545A4EF6 snap41_3698C437 snap40_28E6082F 

Level 9: Boss battle with Dr. Electro

snap46_78DBB6AD snap47_3041C7DC  snap44_555F1248 snap50_0C58F082



Level 10: The courthouse

snap52_4F7448E2 snap54_6C99F0EC snap55_1791DEF2

Level 10: Boss battle with Judge Smite

snap56_7C790FE3 snap59_212A275B snap60_502C6332

End credits

snap61_60C45E20 snap64_1D98DFF3 snap69_300130A8

Regular villains (in order of appearance)

image_35036E57 image_3F5492B7 image_4CBAA5BD image_1E612010 image_53017C4B

image_5DBED3A0 image_52291661 image_75E23DFB image_0A678D7A image_305D3DD0

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