Arcade machines converted to Atari Lynx

The Atari Times has a really nice article “Arcade to Lynx”. It shows a graphical list of games that once lived as a standalone arcade machine and got converted to a game for the Atari Lynx. I had no idea there were that many arcade games. It is not surprising to see Atari’s own games, such as Xybots and Gauntlet, in the list. These Arcade games were new to me:

  • A.P.B.
  • Blockout
  • Hydra
  • Pac-Land
  • Road Riot
  • Tournament Cyberball
  • Xenophobe

At least, I had not seen them in the arcade halls (when those were still around).

Here’s is a sample from the site: Ms. Pac-man

Original Ms. Pac-man arcade machine

snap72_5F9E1734 snap73_2817BA6C 
snap74_780D68EA snap76_252255B9

Atari Lynx conversion of Ms. Pac-man

The beauty of most conversion to the Lynx is the addition of extras. Take Ms. Pac-man again as an example. Besides the original gameplay including the intermissions between different level types, there are also new levels that are larger and landscape oriented instead of the normal portrait ones. Moreover, every round has a new level layout. I found at least 17 unique layouts.

snap77_2E9B142F snap78_13EE7816 snap87_44354CCC

New levels in Lynx version of Ms. Pac-Man

Also, there are cheats and easter eggs all over the place. In the case of Ms. Pac-Man you can get extra lives and lightning speed, plus you can skip levels. Obviously not available in the arcade machine.

For your convenience, here are the actions required to activate the cheats.

  • 5 Extra lives:
  • Lightning speed:
    PAUSE, OPTION 1, A, and OPTION 1. A lightning bolt will appear. Press B to use it.
  • Skip levels:
    PAUSE, OPTION 1, B, B, B, OPTION 1, PAUSE and skip levels with OPTION 1

TIP: When pausing on the Handy emulator, make sure you use Q to pause instead of F5. “Pause” should appear on-screen.

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