Game endings at Video Game Museum

Some games are just too hard to finish, or take too much time to do so. And if you did, on a device like the Atari Lynx, it is hard to show others what the end scenes and screens of the game look like. The quality of photographs usually don’t show this very well. Thanks to the emulators it is possible to both save games (by storing the entire state of the emulator) and create high quality images of the screens.

shabe1_74F3CF11 shabe2_0D836C62
Ending for Shadow of the Beast

Apparently over at The Video Game Museum they have been collecting game endings for a number of games. One of the collections is the Atari Lynx game endings. I must say that there is an impressive number of games listed with screenshots showing the last sequences of the game. There are even some games I have never finished, but was curious to see what it would be like.

kung0_2D32462A kung2_13CA42F0 kung4_6C8FF9BA
Ending for Kung Food

Go check it out yourself. Now all I need to find is a website that has the savegames for a decent emulator (like Handy), so I can relive those endings myself. If it is not out there, I guess that I will need to create one myself.

vik3_0C3ED383 vik4_12F1DD06
Ending for Viking Child (which I did finish myself)

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